How to spend little on a big move

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How to spend little on a big move

When it comes to moving, the most prevalent concern is money. You have to budget carefully and know where you can save money. If you have never moved before or spent too much on a previous move, then you have come to right place! There are many ways to save money on you move, likely in ways you have never even thought of. Take a look at the short list below and keep some cash in that wallet of yours!


Your first step should be to establish a budget. This is a crucial step and should never be overlooked. If you can set up a budget with a little leeway, you are much more likely not to overspend. The budget will help you trim costs where possible and give you a set amount of money that you know you are capable of spending without going into debt.


You should then determine what you really have to bring. If you are planning on using a moving company to assist you, keep in mind that they will charge you by weight of items being moved. The fewer items you have to move, the cheaper the bill will be. Take a few days before packing your items into moving boxes and determine what needs to go with you and what you can sell or give away.


Once you have sorted through your items, look for cheap moving supplies. More often than not, this is where people overspend. There are so many places that can give you free moving boxes and cheap packing tape. Consider your local grocery store or local hospital for free or cheap moving supplies. Ask your friends and family for free moving boxes.


Consider alternative ways to pack your belongings. Instead of spending 20/30 dollars on rolls of bubble wrap, use items you have around your house or that you could purchase from a thrift store. Paper towels, old clothing, blankets, and other household items make great cushion material. If that option isn’t up your alley, then try using packing peanuts instead of bubble wrap, although they are a bit messier, they are much cheaper than bubble wrap.


With the few tips above, you should be able to trim the cost of your move down by a significant amount!