About Us

So you think that moving is complicated do you? Well that’s only because you don’t have The Las Vegas Movers working for you! We don’t think it’s complicated, in fact we love it!

When you put The Las Vegas Movers to work for you, you will think that moving is easy!

We will guide you through every step of this stressful time in your life and put a plan in place that will assure you a smooth and easy transition to your new home.  We have one goal in mind. And that’s to make your moving experience the best that it can possibly be. The entire process from giving you a quote until the time that final box is unpacked, we strive to make everything for you as easy as possible. We know that moving is an inconvenience and our teams strive to lower the inconvenience level as much as possible for you.


Packing and unpacking can be a very time consuming process when you have so many other things to prepare for your move. We have a lot of options for you to choose from with our moving services. We will walk you through the process step by step and we can handle as much packing or unpacking as you want us to.

If you are looking for the best options of moving protection you are looking in the right place. We have full value protection and it’s included in every estimate that we give. We also have many other options for you to choose from so you know you have the best protection available to you.

Don’t worry that you have really big or valuable items included in your move. Our teams are trained professionals and can handle anything. Do you have an expensive chandelier? We know exactly how to pack it and transport it safely. We are experienced with fine art as well. We know exactly what needs to be done to ensure its safe delivery. Maybe you have a piano or pool table? Not a problem at all. Our teams are trained professionals and we will never have someone on your move that doesn’t have the experience needed to handle your most delicate of items.

We have a full fleet of car carriers that can handle any need that you may have. What we have for you is dependable auto transport services across the entire country. If your move includes a car, or if you just want to move a car alone, The Las Vegas Movers has you covered!

Whatever your needs may be, we can cover them for you. We can set up a cleaning service for a move out or move in, set up your home theatre for you, arrange for the pickup of any debris you might need to get rid of, or anything else you may need. If it makes it easier for you during your move, The Las Vegas Movers can get it done for you!    you can see also, inandoutmoving.com for chicago movers.

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